Your child can become unstoppable!

Empower Your Child With Positive Character Traits That May Impact Their Lives In Amazing Ways And Set Into Motion A Series Of Successes That Can Last A Lifetime!


If I told you that your child can blossom in awe-inspiring ways — with a more positive attitude; more self-confidence, more determinatio; and more discipline — would you believe me? What if I told you that you can come to OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts (“OCKMMA”) — and find out for yourself for a full 14 days without paying a penny? Would you believe that?

Dear Parent,

I’m Master Daniel Sullivan, the Founder & Head Instructor at OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts. I’ve been helping children just like yours develop positive attributes that change and improve lives for more than 20 years. I’m here to to tell you that you could see the same dramatic transformations in your child’s character through involvement in my MMA Kids Program — and NOW you can try my Kids’ Program out for 14 Days absolutely FREE!

Kids MMA Program Orange County

These are only some of the positive attributes I’ve seen kids develop in my program …

Turbo-Charged Self-Confidence!

Your child enters a positive environment that helps develop a new level of unwavering confidence that will make people take notice. That’s right! OC Kickboxing’s MMA Kids Program has helped countless kids increase their self-confidence.  When your child comes to OC kickboxing, chances for success increase dramatically — due to our coaches personal involvement and commitment to building the self-confidence and self-esteem of each and every child in our program.  A confident child is a successful and happy child — and confidence is crucial to determining a successful future.

A Positive Winning Attitude!

Another key ingredient in your child’s success is his or her attitude. Many of the kids in OCKMMA’s Kids MMA courses have developed positive winning attitudes that influence every aspect of their lives in profound and lasting ways. This is not to be underestimated. Attitude is the MAGIC WORD!

Academic Excellence!

If your child isn’t excelling academically, we may be of assistance.  Most of our MMA Kids excel “on the mat” as well as “off the mat”.  We don’t take this lightly — and our coaches are instrumental in this transormation.  In fact, academic excellence is required by our program in order for a child to advance — and we involve both teachers and parents to monitor progress.  You may be pleasantly surprised as your child begins to take responsibility for homework and projects. We are constantly hearing from parents and teachers that our kids have made remarkable progress in their studies — due, in part, to the personal attention and discipline of our coaches.

Athleticism Unleashed!

Our MMA Kids program will help maximize your child’s athleticism. Coordination, agility, speed and other athletic traits are all fundamental to the rigors of martial arts training. Martial arts aptitude equals athletic aptitude! We believe that there’s no better way to enhance a child’s dexterity and hand body-eye coordination along with strength, overall fitness and physical capabilities.

Discipline, Respect  And Responsibility!

Right out of the gates, in fact during the first lesson, our coaches begin teaching your child discipline; respect; and responsibility.  These important traits are stressed immediately and enforced. Your child will learn respect for our instructors, respect for other students, respect for parents, teachers, siblings etc. You’ll notice as your child begins to treat people better and become a better person. At the same time, our coaches monitor your child’s responsibility — and become actively involved in homework, chores and other duties.  In fact, excellence in these traits is required in order for a child to advance through our program — and we involved both teachers and parents to monitor progress.

Fitness As A Lifestyle!

TV, video games, junk food and sedentary lifestyles have created an epidemic of obesity among our youth. Fitness is something that needs to be taught to children at an early age. Your child will become more active through the rigors of martial arts training.  In fact, we have seen our kid learn to value physical fitness through involvement in our program. Through our program, kids are taught how to make physical activity and physicla fitness an integral part of his or her lifestyle.

Bully Prevention!

Bullying is a problem that can adversely affect children for their entire lives.  Here at OCKMMA, we teach our kids how to deal with bullies in non-violent ways and how to diffuse potentially damaging events that can last a lifetime.  We also teach your child how to deal effectively with bullying and then “just walk away”. In the event that your child is attacked, however, our coaches have taught our kids practical self-defense techniques; how and when to defend themselves; and, most imporantly, our coaches have taught our kids effective tecnhiques to stop the violence from escalating.

Try Our Amazing 2 Week Pass Offer!

You heard right! For a limited time, I am offering 2 Weeks absolutely FREE for your child to try out our MMA kids classes.  I will prove to you that everything I’m telling you is true.  I am so confident that your child will see these benefits, that I’m willing to let you try it out for 2 Weeks FREE with no strings attached! In addition, I’m also going to give your child a FREE private lesson with one of our expert children’s instructors to get them started and comfortable right off the bat.

Just call (949) 833-8338 to set an appointment. Together, we can change your child’s life!

(949) 833-8338

Michelle“I really love OC Kickboxing and what they’ve been doing for my kids. I’ve seen a great improvement in their responsibility and accountability. I was doing everything for them but coming here has taught them to be responsible. I’ve seen it in their schoolwork. They’re responsible for all their homework and all their projects. My kid loves turning in his projects two weeks early. It’s amazing!”*

Michelle Knapp, Costa Mesa, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

GehricTaylor“Since we’ve started OC Kickboxing, my daughter Taylor gained a tremendous amount of confidence in everyday life. Since we started this, she excels in everything she does and she has confidence in everything she does whether it’s homework, MMA itself, or just  life in general. She has cystic fibrosis. She has a better handle on dealing with the disease with the help of OC Kickboxing and it feels like she can tackle cystic fibrosis and beat it.”*
Gehric Taylor, Huntington Beach, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

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